Chef Bio

Sam Burkhart is Chef of two Tom Douglas Restaurants located in the Pike Place Market- Etta’s, our fish house, and Seatown Seabar and Rotisserie right next door.

Towards the end of his culinary training at South Seattle College, Sam got a job cooking at Etta’s, where he worked with several chefs: Adrienne Chamberlain, Nate Crave, Tom Mackley, Joe Labatt, and Ron Anderson. Under the tutelage of this roster of high-powered chefs, Sam advanced quickly, moving to lead line cook at Etta’s, then to lead cook at Seatown, then back to Etta’s as Sous Chef, and finally, he was promoted to become Chef of both Etta’s and Seatown.

Sam is a ‘homegrown’ Washington State chef, born and raised in Gig Harbor. His parents owned eight acres and a home business called Foxglove Herb Farm where his mom sold flowers, herbs and plenty of basil. The family, including his grandparents, also grew tomatoes, squash, pumpkins and other vegetables on the property. Sam says he got his start in the kitchen by helping his mom and his grandmother, Tina, cook lots of big family dinners.

Sam lives in West Seattle with his fiancé, Krista, and their son, Theron.