Chef Bio

Andrew Rivera is the Executive Chef of Etta’s, Tom Douglas's restaurant at the north end of Pike Place Market, highlighting the very best of Pacific Northwest seafood.

At 19, Andrew left university and ignored advice to enroll in culinary school, which allowed him the freedom to work in a variety of restaurant settings and locales, and deepened and broadened his kitchen experience. After working up and down the West Coast, from a Michelin-starred farm-to-table to a Spanish pinxto bar, he moved back to his home state of Washington to work for Tom Douglas Restaurants.

After cooking punk-Asian food at TanakaSan under chefs Brian Walczyk and Nate Crave, Andrew moved to Seatown in 2014 where he became sous chef under chef Adrienne Chamberlain. Following a brief interlude to Portland in 2016, he returned to the Etta’s team and soon took over as Executive Chef.

He grew up in Fox Island, WA, where he learned a lot about Pacific Northwest native plant ingredients from his botany-enthusiast mother.

Andrew currently lives in Fremont (the center of the universe), and in his free time enjoys making music with his brothers and learning about theoretical astrophysics. He also enjoys hiking and backpacking with his girlfriend, Maria, and her Australian Shepherd, Franklin.