Washington State Painting

Ode to the Market

We’re proud to be a part of the Pike Place Market area, which we consider to be the heart and soul of Seattle. The fact is that this nine acres has a heartbeat, a breathing capacity, a role to play. It has a kind of gravity — drawing the rest of the city to it and keeping us centered on what’s important: good food, nourishment, energy, social character, and awareness.

In 1907, the Seattle City Council opened a public market to answer the frustrations that farmers and consumers were expressing about the high price of produce being sold through middlemen, and the Pike Place Market was born. In the 1960s the Market was almost lost to developers, but was saved by a grassroots movement led by Victor Steinbrueck. Today, it is alive and vital and bursting at the seams with farmers’ produce, artisan cheese stores, real butcher shops, and much more.

The Market thrives on your presence and patronage. Thank you for supporting the Pike Place Market by shopping the shops, stalls and vendors here. Take your time, explore the nooks and crannies, stroll the well-worn bricks of Pike Place. Take a moment to reflect on the history of the Market and the part you have played in it.

Inspired by the fabulous resource, Etta’s, like the rest of the Tom Douglas family of restaurants in Seattle, is dedicated to supporting sustainable fisheries and farming practices. Every effort is made to create the most local experience we can — offering the best of Washington’s wineries and breweries, curing and smoking our own meat and fish, and making every one of our breads and desserts.

Cheers, and thanks for joining us.